This is the first step. This procedure can be quickly completed at Kenya Huduma Centers located countrywide. You will then wait for at most two weeks to enroll your NGO. Through the reservation procedure, you will fill FORM 2 and pay the processing expense. Present the application to the Registry who will then lead the search and later the picked name will be endorsed by the Registry director at the NGO Co-Board. If rejected, the director will state reasons. However, if it is approved, it will be reserved in the registry for 30-60 days.
After the completion of the name search and the reservation made, the chief officer of the proposed organization records a formal application for registration.
The applicant will present a properly completed FORM 3 with two duplicates of the same. The structures must give reasonable data on contact information of the suggested organization, information of the 3 top authorities, the altruistic goal of the association and rundown of rest of the board members. He will then submit another form 1 expressing the associations contact individual.
Next, you will submit 2 colored passport-sized photographs of the suggested three authorities and two other members of the board. Write their names at the back of the photos.
You will then provide a duplicate of ID/Passport and Kenya Revenue Authority PIN Certificates for the five proposed authorities and Board individuals.
Then, present a duplicate of the legal police clearance including the certificate of Good Conducts with fingerprints and payment receipts for Kenyans. The foreigners will submit notarized proof of clearance for Foreigners from their home country. The certificates must be less than six months old. Subsequently, provide a Constitution of the supposed NGO/INGO plus two copies of the same. They must be marked by both the suggested 3 officials and the other members of the NGO on the enactment page and by no less than one of the suggested authorities on every single page. Accompany the submission by Minutes approving the filling of the application with a particular plan and determination to enlist the association as a NGO with the Non-governmental Organizations Board.
The agenda must include the election of the interim authorities. Pay the Processing expenses of Ksh. 16,000 for national NGOs and Ksh .30, 000 for International NGOs. Other requirements include:
a)   A 1 year suggested budget;
b)   A cover letter; and
c)   Original signatures of the board members and officials Typed or filled in block letters
Do you want to register a NGO in kenya? We await your instructions.